Authorization in a Module

Patrick Ko patrick0585 at
Tue Feb 19 09:00:10 CET 2013

Hello everybody,
I have an Question to you. I Have an C - Module which i included into the
authorize-Section of the radiusd.conf File. If If start my Radius the
Module will be loaded an runs correctly.
Now I'have the question ;)
Is it possible to check "inside" a Module if an User is authenticated or
not ? ( If yes how ? I only know the retrun Values RLM_MODULE_OK etc. but
to check which value an user have i don't know ).
Another thing is. Is it possible i have an external list in my Module,
where other Users and Passwords are inside. Now a User tries to
authenticate and if fails, but now i want that inside the module the list
will be checked if it contained the User and if the List contains the User
he will be authenticated!

Also I have one last Question ;)
At which part in the radiusd.conf the authorization is called ?

I hope somebody please could help me or give me some Helpfull Information!

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