on_init hook problem with outgoing channels

Alex Massover alex at jajah.com
Thu Feb 21 10:40:54 CET 2013


We have services that manage calls via ESL and want to write a custom authorization and billing module.

The idea is to catch any call received by FreeSwitch before service gets control on ESL for incoming call and on_init hook works for us.

But for outgoing channels (created by 'route' or 'originate' commands over ESL) on_init hook doesn't work. Well the channel hits the hook but already after outgoing INVITE being sent, although channel state goes from CS_NEW->CS_INIT->CS_ROUTING correctly. And I want to authorize the channel before it goes out.

Is that a normal behavior or I completely miss something? Is there other way to block an outgoing channel after it's created but before it goes out from a custom module?

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Alex Massover

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