Proxy "status"

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Jan 8 00:14:35 CET 2013

Phil Mayers wrote:
> Just a quick note - I'm not sure the home server "status" is working
> properly in the new code; I'm getting:
> # radmin -d /etc/raddb3 -n eduroam -e 'show home_server list'
>    1812    udp    auth    unknown    0

  Yup.  If it isn't actively replying to packets, the status is unknown.
 You'll need to look at the "last packet" timestamp to know more.

> ...even though the servers are up and responding to packets. Same over
> the RADIUS-based stats interface (minor related note - the
> "FreeRADIUS-Stats-Server-State" attribute is missing a definition for
> value "3" i.e. "Unknown")

  Fixed, thanks.

> I think it might be the logic in process.c:remove_from_proxy_hash_nl -
> that function seems to set the state to "UNKNOWN" if there are zero
> outstanding packets, which I guess is not right?

  It's right.  It was the only way to solve the weird logic and
inconsistencies in handling home servers.

  I could go poke command.c so that it *reports* "alive" if the state is
"unknown" AND if the "last packet" was within the last 30 seconds.  But
the logic in the server core shouldn't change.  The new code is
understandable, and working.

  Alan DeKok.

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