FreeRadius 3.0.0 SPEC

John Dennis jdennis at
Tue Jul 2 17:16:06 CEST 2013

On 07/02/2013 10:59 AM, stefan.paetow at wrote:
>> I'm surprised we still need the other patches, I thought I had sent all
>> those upstream, seems to me a new release should not need patches from
>> an old release.
> I commented three out, but I wasn't sure about the exclude-config-file one, so I left that in. I'll happily remove that if it's not necessary :-)

Currently you've got:

Patch0: freeradius-exclude-config-file.patch
Patch1: freeradius-dhcp_sqlippool.patch

I don't think you need the freeradius-exclude-config-file.patch because
Alan D. fixed that issue. That patch is actually from the FR git repo.
I'm surprised it applied, it should either already be in 3.0 or 3.0
implements the same thing differently. FWIW the patch is to exclude
certain well known files from being read as config files. Did 3.0 move
to reading only config files with a specific extension?

The freeradius-dhcp_sqlippool.patch is probably still needed because the
file being referenced only exists in an optional sub-package, which if
isn't installed will (or used to) cause an error.

>> I don't think the new build system is using libtool so anything related
>> to libtool is now cruft (that includes removing .la files, etc.)
> Righty-ho then. I'll strip that away. 
>> The URL for the Red Hat FAQ in the FreeRADIUS Wiki has changed, the one
>> in the README (generated in the spec file) is now invalid and needs to
>> be updated (something I should have fixed but missed).
> Okie, will do that then. 
>> I apologize but I don't have time at the moment to work on packaging
>> 3.0 because other tasks trump it at the moment, that however may change
>> depending on some upcoming management decisions.
> No worries... just wanted to make sure it gets done properly first time around. 
> Stefan

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