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On 2 Jul 2013, at 16:49, <stefan.paetow at> wrote:

>> The freeradius-dhcp_sqlippool.patch is probably still needed because
>> the file being referenced only exists in an optional sub-package, which
>> if isn't installed will (or used to) cause an error.
> Ok, I've left that one in. I also realised that SQLite is supported, so I've made that an optional package (like krb5, mysql, etc). Does relate to any of the SQL modules specifically or is it a general module?

It has no dependencies. It's a dummy driver used by rlm_sql which does absolutely nothing.

It's purpose, other than use in config examples, is to allow use of the rlm_sql query log  functionality without connecting to an actual database.

It must be included in any packages which install rlm_sql.


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