Python libraries

John Dennis jdennis at
Wed Jul 24 14:59:19 CEST 2013

On 07/24/2013 05:19 AM, Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
> As an aside, it looks like the module is not wholly compatible with
> Python 3, it still builds, but lots of mismatched types and undefined
> symbols.
> If anyone wants to have a go at fixing it doesn't look too hard. Most
> of the issues are in the martialing/un-martialing code.

> Shudder; C-codebase supporting both py2 and py3 - no, I think I'll pass 
> on that...

I have a lot of experience with CPython. One of my upcoming tasks is to
convert a C based Python library to support both Py2 and Py3 which will
force me to learn the conversion issues. But I won't be getting to that
for a month or two. I could probably take a look this issue after I've
got some more experience with that. But I don't have time in the
immediate near future, so if you can wait I could probably help. FWIW
the Py2 migration to Py3 is just starting to get attention in a lot of
places, despite Py3 having been out several years most places are still
running Py2 so I don't think we've reached a critical need just yet.



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