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John Dennis jdennis at
Mon Jun 24 17:22:32 CEST 2013

On 06/24/2013 09:00 AM, A.L.M.Buxey at wrote:
> :-)   I agree...but those with established 2.x servers and not much knowledge
> of how things work arent going to have a nice smooth upgrade - there is no 'upgrade tool'
> to help make the move.  What is RedHst et als view of the new major release? will
> we see FR3 in RHEL 7 - or in 8 or 9? (look at the slow 1.x -> 2.x transitions in most
> distros)

FR 3.0 in RHEL 7 depends on when FR 3.0 is officially released.
Obviously we won't package a non-released version. The cut off point for
RHEL 7 packages is close (sorry I can't post internal milestones). If FR
3.0 is released soon we'll work to see it gets in RHEL 7. If it doesn't
meet the deadline we'll probably have 2.2 in RHEL 7 initially as the
freeradius package and then add freeradius3 packages during some future
RHEL 7 update, but we really would prefer not having two freeradius
packages in the same RHEL release like with did with RHEL 5. Also the
hurdle to get a entire new set of packages (i.e. freeradius3) into RHEL
is significant which may delay which update it appears in. The short
story is getting FR 3.0 in RHEL 7 to start with is the path of least
resistance. The downside of rushing it with a "not ready for prime time
new version" is if it's really buggy we may have to drop it from the
release altogether if it seem like there will be significant support
costs due to immaturity.

I'll have a conversation with management concerning this and try to
follow up with more specifics. Have a proposed release date would be
immensely helpful.


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