The build is now clean

John Dennis jdennis at
Tue Jun 25 13:26:43 CEST 2013

On 06/25/2013 05:06 AM, stefan.paetow at wrote:
>> FR 3.0 in RHEL 7 depends on when FR 3.0 is officially released. 
>> Obviously we won't package a non-released version. The cut off
>> point for RHEL 7 packages is close (sorry I can't post internal
>> milestones).
> John,
> When FR 3.0 goes into RHEL 7, will you also make packages available
> for FR 3 for RHEL6/CentOS 6.x, or is that up to the CentOS
> maintainers?

There is no guarantee that RHEL 7 will get FR 3.0, it's a scheduling
issue and the timing is very close, it's still an open question.

We'll only provide FR 3.0 for RHEL 6 if there is strong customer demand.

I don't follow the CentOS packages but to the best of my knowledge
they've never packaged stuff which did not originate from Red Hat.

> I noticed that in your FR 2.2 spec (for Fedora 17) you used a version
> of systemd that is not available on CentOS, so I hacked your spec
> back to the FR 2.1.12 version (sorry! *cringe*) for my FR 2.2 RPMs to
> build properly.

There are differences between our distributions which results in
differences in the spec files. One either parameterizes the spec file
with conditionals and share the spec file between distributions or you
maintain independent spec files per distribution, there are pros and
cons to both. I've moved to keeping independent spec files and merging
the changes between the spec files with each FR release.

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