More magic

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Mar 20 03:54:20 CET 2013

$ touch src/modules/rlm_python/

$ make
AUTOCONF src/modules/rlm_python/configure
CONFIGURE src/modules/rlm_python/
checking for gcc... gcc
config.status: creating
CC src/modules/rlm_python/rlm_python.c
LINK build/lib/

  Very nice.

  I've been doing massive renaming of module functions, and names in the
configure scripts.  I missed a few modules the first time around.  After
some thinking, I created the Make rules which do the work noted above.

  The result is that it's now much harder to get build failures, even
when you're mangling configure scripts!

  The naming changes were done to avoid the "smurfing smurf" problem.
The previous code had a lot of:

rlm_smurf_t *smurf;

  etc.  With the input for the configure scripts having "smurf_cflags"
and "smurf_ldflags".

  In the interest of removing an abomination from the earth, those
functions have been renamed to use a common "mod_" prefix.  All modules
now have "mod_authenticate", "mod_authorize", etc.  The configure /
Makefile code has been updated to use mod_cflags, etc.

  It's just one more item of consistency.  It means that there are fewer
surprises when editing a module.  And few changes to make when creating
a new module.

  Alan DeKok.

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