Initial support of Multi Valued Attributes operators

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Mon Mar 25 18:33:55 CET 2013

On 25/03/13 17:23, Olivier Beytrison wrote:

> People can have from one to 6-7 of those attributes. With normal unlang
> operators it will only compare the first attribute it finds.

In which case the case, the behaviour differs between "users" files 
(which compare all) and "unlang". Le sigh.

>> Likewise, I thought == matches if one of several attributes match, but
>> that's not behaviour I'm testing.
> Nope, it only check the first attribute. Till now there was no looping
> over all the possible same attribute-name in the list.

I wonder if that might not be a better solution; for the == and =~ 
operators, loop over all and match if any matches. This seems "least 
surprising" to me.

You would still then want a "match all" operator, which would need to be 

But I don't feel strongly about it; I'm already abusing unlang way too 
much anyway, and if I get the time and energy I'm going to investigate 
alternative solutions (that don't involve rlm_perl).

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