2.2.0 crash at a strange location

Chris Taylor Chris.Taylor at corp.eastlink.ca
Mon May 6 15:40:09 CEST 2013

What's the best way to get the latest code?



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Stefan Winter wrote:
> If all these are met, a second decoding would be done, and be 
> successful
> - except the user wouldn't be able to log in because the new decoded 
> content would not match his password any more.
> I guess I can live with that small chance, but... clean is something 
> else. How about if you owe me a beer if that unlikely situation 
> becomes true :-)

  Arran fixed the "master" branch to use a more robust base64 encoder / decoder.  So it won't happen there.

  There won't be any new development on the v2.2.x branch.  We hope to release v3 soon.  (As I've been saying for years)

  Alan DeKok.
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