change of behaviour on 2.2.1

srua1 at srua1 at
Wed Sep 25 09:29:19 CEST 2013


We have a custom module we have been using for a while on radius 2.2.0. I
yesterday compiled it against 2.2.1 and it behaved differently as it used
to do with the previous version. Specifically around handling of returned
from authorisation module, and I was wondering if something have changed
in this version of freeradius or I made a mistake somewhere.

Our module under 2.2.0 and previous versions when dealing with an
authorisation request that does not require authentication it would return
RLM_MODULE_HANDLED. This would result in the authentication request
terminating with the reply  back to the clients. Under 2.2.1 however what
it has been observed is that it still drops to authentication which
results in incorrect handling of the request.

Is this something it has changed between versions or am I doing something
which shouldn't have worked in the first place? If the latter is this the
comment in the header file incorrect or misleading?

RLM_MODULE_HANDLED, /* the module handled the request, so stop. */

Thank you

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