Issues with rlm_perl in 3.0.2

Sorin Pop sorin.pop at
Sun Apr 6 23:22:30 CEST 2014

   I wanted to ask if anyone came across this problem. I got freeradius
3.0.2 and enabled the perl module. and after fiddling with it I found some

the change that I made was to by doing this

# Function to handle authenticate
sub authenticate {
    my $memcache_key = $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'};

    open( my $fh, '>', '/tmp/x2' );
    print $fh $memcache_key;
    close( $fh );
    return RLM_MODULE_OK;

and I was expecting to get the username in /tmp/x2 file but instead I got

[root at radius perl]# cat /tmp/x2
this_is_my_user_but_what_is_this pc|wo
                  ;b ▒4b|wn''▒▒;        0▒}▒ٞd▒▒;0▒}
▒▒;▒▒;P▒}▒.▒dUNIVERSAL::Ğd(▒▒▒@c@ pc|,,▒.▒d

the user that I tested with is: "this_is_my_user_but_what_is_this". I
tested it with different lengths of usernames and it seems to be a leak
somewhere as the returns jumps around

so unless I am doing something completely wrong, this might be an issue
with the way the variables are passed on.

The odd thing is that if I use the internal debugger the strings seem to be

Kind Regards,
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