ask about RPM for FC20 ??

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Nothing stops you from downloading the official .SPEC from the Fedora folks ( and using it to spin your own until such time that the official packages are available. As long as you use the official Fedora .SPEC, you're likely to be able to upgrade seamlessly once they release a version newer than 3.0.0.

3.0.1 had several issues that 3.0.2 resolved, but since 3.0.3 is imminent, it would make sense to skip a minor and go straight to a stable 3.0.x release.


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Hi everybody,

When will be ready some RPM package instalallation of FR3.0.2 to FC20 ?? we are still waiting and compiling all by hand to all installation :-(

Does anybody know some terms ??

I have aksked RedHat two times, but with no success

Thanks a lot for repsonse ;-)

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