Problem with custom accounting module.

Bill Schoolfield bill at
Fri Apr 18 03:24:12 CEST 2014

Hello all,

We have written a custom accounting module based on rlm_detail. It is 
very similar except it pushes the accounting data to another app via an 
API call. Up until recently it has work fine.

Today on a client site it is failing. It seems the "accounting method":

static int modulename_accounting(void *instance, REQUEST *request)

is getting passed with a request that has at least (I haven't checked 
further) null request->packet and request->listener addresses.

The request is generated via radclient.

Does anyone know under what circumstances this can occur? Happy to 
provide all details/source etc if it will help.

The end result is the module either crashes (when referencing 
request->listener->type or if commented out, the do_detail() call just 
returns NOOP.


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