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Sun Aug 31 00:00:02 CEST 2014

New activity for FreeRADIUS (the high performance and highly configurable RADIUS server)

Clarify behavior of inner-tunnel replies

Alan T. DeKok at 2014-08-30T16:34:43Z
Files modified:
	* raddb/sites-available/inner-tunnel
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_peap/rlm_eap_peap.c
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_ttls/rlm_eap_ttls.c

Commit diff:
Move suppression of debugging messages to a better place.  Closes #772

vradlog() should always log.  It's static to log.c, so the *callers*
should take care to avoid calling vradlog().

The checks for debugging messages are pushed to radlog(), which
is the external API.

Added a static radlog_always(), which always calls vradlog().
It's just a wrapper to deal with the varargs stuff.

The vradlog_request() function now calls radlog_always(), as
vradlog_request() takes care of checking if debugging is enabled.

Alan T. DeKok at 2014-08-30T16:08:53Z
Files modified:
	* src/main/log.c

Commit diff:
Remove unnecessary debug message

Alan T. DeKok at 2014-08-30T15:42:09Z
Files modified:
	* src/main/realms.c

Commit diff:
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