mschap via ntlm_auth over a socket

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Wed Dec 3 16:59:55 CET 2014

> On 3 Dec 2014, at 06:05, Matthew Newton <mcn4 at LEICESTER.AC.UK> wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 08:28:07PM -0500, Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
>>> On 2 Dec 2014, at 19:33, Matthew Newton <mcn4 at LEICESTER.AC.UK> wrote:
>>> I've just done a pull request, but I'm sure there are things that
>>> need looking at or fixing even if the idea possibly sane. Let me
>>> know.
>> Very nice! Possible improvement (and I may be completely wrong here)
>> but shouldn't it be possible to fork/exec and create a pipe with the 
>> ends mapped to stdin/stdout of the execed process?
>> Slightly less configuration, and maybe slight performance improvement.
> Yes, that should work. I thought about it, but the connection pool
> stuff seems designed to make connections, rather than spawn off
> processes. Is it safe for mod_conn_create (callback from
> fr_connection_pool_module_init) to fork/exec and return a struct
> with file descriptors?

Yes, it's safe.

> Then I guess _mod_conn_free would need to
> wait on the child. It seemed to start getting more complicated...

It's not that complicated, _mod_conn_free signals the child to
exit, and waits on it.

>> Could just look for --helper-protocol option in the arguments to 
>> ntlm_auth and enable the connection pool automagically...
> Personally I think it's better to specify what you want to use,
> rather than for the server to guess - the current way is about OK
> as the behaviour is dependent on one config option being set, but
> it starts to get messy when you're doing heuristics to find the
> method. (Though 'method' might be better called 'backend' or
> 'auth_backend'; maybe it's OK as-is).

I guess, it's just A DRY thing. It's annoying to have to configure
the argument and tweak the knob inside FreeRADIUS.

I don't see any reason people would wrap ntlm_auth, or why the
arguments would change.

I know in some instances trying to be smart breaks things in 
unexpected ways, but the interface for the ntlm_auth binary is
well defined.

Do you know when the --helper-protocol flag was added?

If it's been there for a significant period we might want to 
consider just adding it automatically if not present, and
switching to the new method for 3.1.

> The other possibility I'm thinking about next is another method
> that uses the wbclient library to call winbind directly, but I've
> not looked into that too much yet. Of course the library may not
> be available on all systems, so giving the option to run ntlm_auth
> should stay (and people may be calling a different binary rather
> than ntlm_auth in some situations).

That's certainly the cleanest solution.

>> In this case we could likely avoid exposing the knobs of the
>> connection pool, as there's no benefit to tweaking anything, and
>> just fork/exec max_servers instances of ntlm_auth?
> Possible. But I'm not yet sure what the implications of this are,
> as it looks like there may still be throughput issues going
> through winbind. It might be better to limit the number of
> connections, rather than pushing them all to winbind and that
> dropping or queueing them.
> Squid seems to have had a similar feature for a long time, and
> allows the number of ntlm_auth processes to be set, but I don't
> know whether there is any benefit to keeping the number down or
> just running loads of them.

Ok, fair enough, I guess keeping it as a tweakable to manage 
contention would be useful.

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