3.0.x: persistent TLS session cache

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Tue Feb 4 07:48:08 CET 2014


>> Well, I used %{logdir} in my persist_dir setting in the config alright,
>   It's probably wrong.

Gah! I read the sample config file n times - but for the life of me
didn't spot % vs. $ in that line.

Sorry for the noise. I think I've got a more real issue with the session
cache, but will have a coffee first.


>> but... looking at the code, this debug message prints exactly what's
>> being used for the open() call - so %{logdir} should have been expanded
>> to the literal path, right?
>> Is there some xlat() missing here?
>   Maybe.
>   You also need to separate *configuration* variables from *request*
> variables.  The configuration variables are static, and read from the
> config files.  They're ${foo}.  The request variables are dynamic, and
> change with every request.  They're all %{foo}
>   %{logdir} is wrong.  It's interpreted as a request attribute.  But the
> 'logdir' attribute doesn't exist, so it expands to nothing.
>   %{User-Name} is very different from ${logdir}.
>   Alan DeKok.
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