usage of "FR_TOKEN op" parameter to pairmake ?

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Tue Feb 4 15:53:32 CET 2014

On 4 Feb 2014, at 08:53, Chaigneau, Nicolas <nicolas.chaigneau at> wrote:

>> De : Alan DeKok
>> Chaigneau, Nicolas wrote:
>>> I'm trying to figure out the purpose of the last parameter to
>> pairmake (FR_TOKEN op).
>>  The operator is used in many configuration files.  So... there needs
>> to be a way to create / use it.
>>> I assumed it was semantically equivalent to the following unlang
>> syntax :
>>  Yes.
>>> But, whatever the operator I'm using (T_OP_EQ, T_OP_ADD or T_OP_SET),
>> it doesn't seem to have any effect. All attributes added through
>> pairmake to the reply vp list are returned to the client anyway.
>>  Yes, because you're manually appending them to the list.
>>  If you call pairmove(), it uses the operators to move one list to
>> another.
> Thanks.
> So I tried using "pairmove". But I'm encountering some strange behaviour when combining the operators.
> I don't know if it's a weird bug or I'm doing it wrong (probably the latter...)
> What I'm doing:
>      // macro for easier use: 
> 	#define pairmove_reply(_vp, _a, _b, _c) _vp = pairmake(request->reply, NULL, _a, _b, _c); pairmove(request->reply, &(request->reply->vps), &_vp); pairfree(&_vp);

Your macro is wrong it should be

#define pairmove_reply(_vp, _a, _b, _c) do {\
	_vp = pairmake(request, NULL, _a, _b, _c);\
	pairmove(request, &(request->reply->vps), &_vp); \
	pairfree(&_vp); \
while (0)

I'll look at it properly later...

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