how to configure groups if you have different Nas's

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Sat Feb 22 14:40:06 CET 2014


i have installed freeradius and everything is working fine, and currently i have three different nas 
1- Alcatel
2-Cisco 7200
3-Cisco ASR 1002

so, i have about 12 plans(X1,X2,X3,... etc). 
my concern is i have to create three different group for each plan such as (X1 alcatel, X1 cisco7200,X1 cisco1002) and for the rest plans do the same
this is because they have different attributes for download and upload limitaion. 

and when i'm creating a user i have to assign three groups (X1 alcatel, X1 cisco7200,X1 cisco1002) to user and this is not professional


user      groupname      priority
abc       X1 alcatel             0
abc        X1 cisco7200       0
abc         X1 cisco1002      0
this is for user mapping;

     groupname         attribute                        op            value

      X1 alcatel             Nas-ip-address            :=     
     X1 cisco7200       Nas-ip-address            :=     
    X1 cisco1002       Nas-ip-address            :=     

this is checking nas ip address

i want to assign only one group name to user, inother words same group name with different reply attributes ;
or what is your suggestion to get dynamic reply attribute based on nas ip address. 

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