Is git branch v3.0.x safe to take snapshot from for a long term release?

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Sun Jan 12 10:36:00 CET 2014

>>> Is there any reason to believe the current state of the v3.0.x branch as
>>> of today is not the best state of 3.x to become a long term RPM in
>>> RHEL-7? In other words is anyone aware of anything problematic in the
>>> v3.0.x tip and why this shouldn't be the final state of 3.0 in the
>>> initial release of RHEL-7?
>>  I'm not aware of any issues left in 3.0.x.
> There's the one Stefan reported which should be fixed.

I'll run an --enable-developer build for symbols on Monday (using
current branch code) and see if the issue was transient. I'll let you
know ASAP.

Anway... if the issue is a real problem, you'd probably be able to issue
a patch in RHEL in a matter of days, right? An online update is usually
the first thing anybody should run after install, so the exact state of
the release goldmaster isn't that important. Or is it?


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