Bad talloc magic value inside tls.c:sess_free_vps

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Tue Jun 24 19:52:49 CEST 2014

That was an intentional "phase 1 simplification"; the code updates the modtime when a session is pulled off disk and the default eap config suggests a periodic "find" command to clean the spool.

I didn't see a good way of running background tasks at the time and definitely didn't like the idea of blocking the server in a request context whilst walking a potentially large directory.

There's a couple of other warts; really there should be a 2- or 3-level directory structure to avoid enormous numbers of inodes in one and the separate session .asn1 and pairlist files are a bit yucky, though easy to debug.

So it could be improved; if I ever get us on 3.x in production we'll be able to actually use it and I'll have a better idea how to proceed.

As for attaching a context to a session yes that should be relatively easy and would actually clean up the code as only the top level context needs an openssl free function; the rest could be talloc destructors. I'll work up a patch tomorrow; I have a good idea what needs touching.
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