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New activity for FreeRADIUS (the high performance and highly configurable RADIUS server)

Initialize IPv6 scope in ip_ptonx

Set IPv6 address scope ID (fr_ip_addr_t.scope) to zero in ip_ptonx.

This avoids possible random %{getclient:<ipaddr>.foo} IPv6 client lookup
failures due to the scope ID being uninitialized, but then used in
fr_ipaddr_cmp, invoked by client_find, used in xlat_getclient.

The issue was found during a Coverity scan of 3.0.1 and reported as

freeradius-server-3.0.1/src/main/mainconfig.c:374: var_decl: Declaring variable "ip" without initializer.
freeradius-server-3.0.1/src/main/mainconfig.c:394: uninit_use_in_call: Using uninitialized value "ip". Field "ip.scope" is uninitialized when calling "client_find(RADCLIENT_LIST const *, fr_ipaddr_t const *, int)".
freeradius-server-3.0.1/src/main/client.c:466:3: read_parm: Reading a parameter value.

Nikolai Kondrashov (via Arran Cudbard-Bell)@2014-03-06T15:29:28Z
Files modified:
	* src/lib/misc.c

Commit diff:
Change -include ordering

Arran Cudbard-Bell at 2014-03-06T13:36:32Z
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