Typos in dictionary.cisco.vpn3000

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Wed Mar 12 21:52:42 CET 2014

I just spotted some typos: "CPVN" instead of "CVPN"

$ grep CPVN share/dictionary.cisco.vpn3000
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-Smart-Tunnel-Auto        138  integer
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-VLAN                140    integer
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-NAC-Settings            141    string
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-Member-Of            145    string
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-Address-Pools            217  string
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-IPv6-Address-Pools        218  string
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-IPv6-VPN-Filter        219    string
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-WebVPN-Macro-Value1        223  string
ATTRIBUTE    CPVN3000-WebVPN-Macro-Value2        224  string
VALUE    CPVN3000-Smart-Tunnel-Auto    Disabled        0
VALUE    CPVN3000-Smart-Tunnel-Auto    Enabled            1
VALUE    CPVN3000-Smart-Tunnel-Auto    Auto            2



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