dhcp "generic" section never called

Matthew Newton mcn4 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Mar 13 16:53:02 CET 2014


Another small dhcp issue -

The DHCP config has sections for DHCP-Discover and DHCP-Request,
and a generic section "dhcp { reject }" for other DHCP packets.

DHCP Inform packets should be  hitting this section, but are not -
they are just returning a NAK. Even if this section is configured
to return nothing.

Adding an identical section "dhcp DHCP-Inform { ... }" stops the
packets being returned.

The error is "(0) WARNING: Unknown value specified for
Post-Auth-Type.  Cannot perform requested action." - it comes from
indexed_modcallable, but I can't easily trace at the moment what
should happen instead.

If this is easily fixable, maybe it could go into 3.0.2; otherwise
probably better to just update the config file with separate dhcp
DHCP-Inform, etc sections for the different packet types for now,
and go back to the generic ones after it's fixed.

For some reaon, Windows seems quite chatty sending Inform
packets... I don't really see it from anything else. It's not as
if the network has changed since it did the original Request...



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