Adding Dictionaries?

Peter Lambrechtsen peter at
Mon Aug 17 02:44:37 CEST 2015

Is there a policy about which git tag should be used when submitting a pull
request for a new dictionary.

I have some updates for the Alcatel Lucent SR Dictionary (6527) from the
ALU site. Plus have built my own version of the Bridgwater Radius server
(3631) for their own radius server I'm busy replacing with FreeRadius that
has format=2,1 VSAs that mucked up the Wireshark decode until I figured it

Since I know that Wireshark use the FreeRadius dictionaries as a souch I
thought it would be a good place to have as many dictionaries as possible
even though those VSAs would not typically ever be used in FreeRadius.

So do I just a select the master branch and send a pull request for the
updated dictionaries? Or is there another process such as you not wanting
to taint the library with 3rd party dictionaries that wouldn't get used :)



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