ntlm_auth improvements

A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Tue Feb 24 17:02:58 CET 2015


>   If it works and there’s enough demand, we can put it into 3.0.x.
>   Arran and I have spent a fair bit of time the last 3 months hammering the daylights out of 3.0.x, to be sure it’s OK.  It now builds cleanly under 3 different static analysis tools.  It has a suite of regression tests.  And it’s running in production in multiple environments.

since 3.0.5 I've been ready to state that 3.0.x is suitable for production (its at least as good as 2.2.6 ;-) ).  I have
deployed 3.0.6 onto several boxes recently ..some of which have already been upgraded to 3.0.7).  shame I cant do that locally
on our systems due to anti-agility systems in place :/    (we should have a project to deal with that) 

there are a couple of other systems I'd like to move to 3.0.7 from 2.2.x but they are rather antiquated and
some of the new build requirements means that 3.0.x doesnt compile

I think the issue for most will be the big reconfig required...and its understandable why some of the subtle
annoying changes have been made - the server config is now much much more consistent, big thanks to Arran/Alan! :-)


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