FreeRADIUS SSL version check

Michael Richardson mcr at
Thu Jan 8 02:16:30 CET 2015

Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
    > On Jan 7, 2015, at 1:54 PM, Michael Richardson <mcr at>
    > wrote:
    >> Could static linking libssl in be made easier?

    >   Systems ship with static libraries?

whenever you install the -dev package, you usually get the .a as well.
So, they don't ship with static libraries, because being static, they
are included in the binary :-)

    >> I haven't tried recently, but often it's really hard with autoconf.

    >   Which is why v3 no longer uses libtool, libltdl.  In a modern system,
    > they make life *worse*.


    >> Being able to build on one machine and deploy to another machine such
    >> that one doesn't have to install a compiler is a big win to me.

    >   Then be sure that both systems have the same version of OpenSSL.

It's hard if you also have other things which want *different* versions of
OpenSSL... really, if they shared libraries are not compatible, the .so files
should have their version number bumped, but I know that this is hard for
some distros.

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