rlm_raw in 3.1.x

Paul Trappitt paul at freedomwifi.com.au
Mon Jul 6 10:23:07 CEST 2015


I've been trying to build freeradius from source with the rlm_raw module in
the modules folder and adding it to stable. When I run ./configure I can
see it gets processed in there, but no matter what I do make just ignores
it completely.

I've tried make -d to see if maybe there are some errors, but it doesn't
report anything in relation to rlm_raw. I was under the impression make was
compiling anything in the stable file.

I'd like to use the raw module inside the dynamic clients server so I can
use mac address or nas-identifier in order to recognise dynamic clients
rather the the IP address as per the radiusdesk implementation here

However I would also like to use rlm_rest, so I can't use v2.x.x of

If anyone is kind enough to answer the following questions or lend some
assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

1) Is it possible to get rlm_raw working with 3.1.x?
2) If not is there anyway in v3.1.x that supports this tgype of

Kind Regards

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