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As displayed on the GitHub issue tracker when posting issues, and as included in server source as the CONTRIBUTING text file.

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  The FreeRADIUS project wouldn't exist without contributions from a significant number of developers.

  We greatly value all comments, defect reports, patches/pull-requests, but must balance individual
  contributor's desires and practices against what's required for the project to operate efficiently.

  This document describes best practices when interacting with members of the FreeRADIUS project team
  via GitHub.  If you follow these guidelines, it is very likely that your question, bug report or pull
  request will be acted on, and in a timely manor.

  If you choose to ignore these guidelines our response will be a link to this document.


  The GitHub issue tracker is for non-security related defect reports, feature requests, and
  pull-requests ONLY.

  It is not for support requests or questions regarding configuration/operation of the server, they
  belong on the users mailing list:

  Raising support requests or questions as issues will result in them being closed and locked.  If you
  continue to raise these questions as issues you will be banned from the FreeRADIUS project's GitHub

  Security issues should be reported to security at, especially if they can be remotely
  exploited.  This ensures that patches can be developed before the exploit is made public.


  Verify it's still present in the Git HEAD.  Checkout the appropriate branch for the version of the
  server you're working with as listed here (, build the server, and attempt
  to reproduce your issue.

  The ChangeLog ( for the
  current stable branch may also be used to determine if your issue has already been addressed.
  The ChangeLog is updated as fixes are made to the server code, and usually reflects the state of the
  Git HEAD.

  Do not report non-security defects for EOL branches (as listed on, they will be
  closed and locked.


  See doc/bugs ( for information
  on what to include, and how to obtain it.

  When logging bug reports using the GitHub issue tracker, pay attention to formatting.  You should
  ensure any log output is surrounded by two sets of tripple backticks (```).  If you don't do this
  Github will automatically link your issue to other pre-existing issues when it encounters a #<num>


  If you're developing a new feature, module, or writing large amounts of code to fix a defect, contact
  a member of the FreeRADIUS development team first.  For simpler one or two line fixes, go ahead and
  open a pull-request immediately.

  The dev team can be contacted via the devel mailing list (,
  or via GitHub by using the GitHub issue tracker.

  Contacting the dev team gives us the opportunity to offer feedback.  We may have a solution to your
  problem that doesn't require additional code, or may have ideas as to how your problem can be solved
  in a way that will better fit with the longterm vision for the server.

  Once you've got the go ahead, read through the coding standards document:

  ...and start writing code.  You may also wish to utilise the doxygen site:

  The doxygen site contains the complete reference of all API functions with doxygen headers, as well
  as structs, and callback declarations. is updated within one minute of each commit
  to the master branch of the main freeradius-server repo.

  This document was written to be displayed automatically on the GitHub issue tracker, so Git/GitHub
  knowledge is assumed.  If you're wondering what the heck a pull-request is, this document may be of
  some use:


  If possible include test cases in your pull-requests.

  There are currently three test frameworks for different elements of the server:

    Unit tests   - src/tests/unit/*.txt            - Tests for conditions and protocol encoders/decoders.
    Module tests - src/tests/modules/<module name> - Tests for module functionality.
    Unlang tests - src/tests/unlang/<test series>  - Tests for unlang keywords and functions.

  See README.* docs in the directories above for basic information on writing test cases.  The easiest
  way to write new tests is to use the existing tests as examples.

  Tests are run via Travis for each pull-request, and on every commit by a developer with repository

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