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Sat Jul 18 00:00:03 CEST 2015

New activity for FreeRADIUS (the high performance and highly configurable RADIUS server)

Globbing across directories is not supported.  Fixes #1149.

The rest of the "filename_work" code assumes that the
file is in the same directory as the files being globbed.  In order
to support globbing for directories, the code will have to be updated
to *not* open, but instead to do a *second* file
globbing() on .../*/, in order to get the real filename
of the file.

In the short term it's easier to just enforce the assumptions
in the rest of the code.

Alan T. DeKok at 2015-07-17T03:07:14Z
Files modified:
	* src/main/detail.c

Commit diff:

Arran Cudbard-Bell at 2015-07-17T01:43:57Z
Files modified:
	* src/lib/pair.c

Commit diff:
Use modern list names

Arran Cudbard-Bell at 2015-07-17T01:39:25Z
Files modified:
	* src/include/radiusd.h
	* src/main/listen.c
	* src/main/pair.c
	* src/main/process.c
	* src/main/soh.c
	* src/main/tls.c
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/libeap/eap_chbind.c
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_gtc/rlm_eap_gtc.c
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_mschapv2/rlm_eap_mschapv2.c
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_pwd/rlm_eap_pwd.c
	* src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_ttls/ttls.c
	* src/modules/rlm_mschap/rlm_mschap.c
	* src/modules/rlm_preprocess/rlm_preprocess.c
	* src/modules/rlm_realm/rlm_realm.c
	* src/modules/rlm_realm/trustrouter.c
	* src/modules/rlm_sql/rlm_sql.c
	* src/modules/rlm_yubikey/rlm_yubikey.c

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