perl and COA

ICHIBA Sara ichi.sara at
Mon Jul 20 12:27:29 CEST 2015

Dear Alan and Herwin,

Thank you for your replies. Plz find in line my responses.

>>If you want to send CoA packets, read raddb/sites-available/

I read it  but I'm afraid it's not enough. As the perl module doesn't
handle (directly)  COA. [right ??]

  >>Your configuration here will not do anything. I have no idea why you're
doing it, or why you think it will work.

the script I'm using was working fine with sql backends and an old version
of freeradius server. Now i'm just trying to addapt it to cassandra DB and
I'm using the version 3.1.x of freeradius server.  As Herwin pointed, the
RAD_CHECK is mapped to the control list and the script uses it to send COA
or disconnect AVPs.

>>Depending on what version you're using, you might have to use RAD_CONFIG
instead of RAD_CHECK. They're both mapped to the control list, but in
version 3.0.x RAD_CONFIG overwrites the RAD_CHECK (which makes RAD_CHECK
effectively a read-only version of the control list)

I'm using the 3.1.x version of Freeradius. I will try with the RAD_CONFIG
and see if it works.


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