Informations about home_server_pool with load-balancing or fail-over

Geaaru geaaru at
Sat Jul 25 01:56:21 CEST 2015


I see freeradius documentation but I have some doubt about how
load-balancing/fail-over it works when is enable status-server or not.

1) From documentation I see that an home_server_pool with load-balancing
split requests between all home server. But FWIK or I understand if request
doesn't receive a response from first home_server is not send to second
like for fail-over. Is this correct ?

2) If yes, is there a way to do load-balancing + fail-over ? How can I do
that ? I need to use Post-Proxy-Type and
Fail-Accounting/Fail-Authentication syntax and so create a fallback
virtual_server with same home_Server of load-balancing but with type
fail-over ?

3) About status-server check... In my configuration I set status_server to
yes under security section but If I haven't enable site status (on port
18121 for example) I can receive however Status-Server request only on port
1812 and 1813. Is this correct?

4) home_server gone on alive status only if at least one request is been
received from server else home_server is leave on "unknown" status. Is this
correct ?

5) Is there a way to set alive status of all home_server automatically at
bootstrap ? I see that with fail-over if I haven't received request from
startup (status of home_server is unknown) then on a failure of first
home_server, request is not sent to second home_server (at least on 3.0.8
version). Instead, if I have both home_server in alive status and I power
off first home_server, than request is correctly sent to second on failure
of first.

6) If I haven't active status-server is there a way to handle home_server
only alive to avoid zombie period if a request go to failure / timeout ?

Thanks in advance.


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