Please document dynamic in proxy server section in proxy.conf

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>   If two realms claim to be served by a server with IP address
>, we don't want one of these realms to be able to overwrite
>   the key for the other.  Either both keys will work for the same IP
>   address, or someone is being dishonest, but it's important not to
>   combine home servers in this instance just because they have the same
>   IP and hostname

That is, hostname and port? The same IP can run multiple servers on
different ports with different keys. There's no dishonesty in any of that.


> * Being able to have the over-the-wire realm name different  than the
>   internal representation.  (The suffix of the user-name attribute ends
>   up not being the same as the realm name returned)
> * Being able to evaluate periodically with access to connection stats
>   for the home servers whether a realm is still good or whether we want
>   to dynamically  contact it again
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