v2.x.x redundant-load-balance broken

Brian De Wolf bldewolf at cpp.edu
Tue Mar 24 23:07:59 CET 2015


I upgraded from v.2.1.x to v.2.2.6 recently and noticed (while
upgrading one of the backend DBs) that redundant-load-balance sections
are broken.  I poked at it a little and found an off-by-one error
where it would only try N-1 of the group members, instead of all of
them (which is pretty crippling when N=2).  Here's a quick diff that
fixes it:

diff --git a/src/main/modcall.c b/src/main/modcall.c
index d9cebe9..32d3471 100644
--- a/src/main/modcall.c
+++ b/src/main/modcall.c
@@ -723,7 +723,7 @@ redo:
 			 *	section.  If we get FAIL, then
 			 *	continue.  Otherwise, stop.
-			for (i = 1; i < count; i++) {
+			for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {
 				modcall_child(request, component,
 					      depth + 1, entry, found,

I'm still a little puzzled by the behavior of the server, though.  I
was testing by adding this to authorize in the src/tests config:

redundant-load-balance {

This causes the other tests to randomly fail, as it sometimes load
balances to the second member, which causes it to only try the three
fail modules.  What puzzles me is that, when I add this config instead:

redundant-load-balance {

I stop getting random failures.  When I add logging to record which one
we picked and to identify the module before we call modcall_child, it

++load-balance redundant-load-balance {
pick is 3
++redundant-load-balance group redundant-load-balance {
trying 0x13a7780
+++[fail] = fail
+++[fail] = fail
trying 0x13a77e0
+++[fail] = fail
trying 0x13a7550
+++[fail] = fail
+++[ok] = ok
++} # redundant-load-balance group redundant-load-balance = ok

It's not clear to me why it's listing fail multiple times for some
modcalls, or where that last ok comes from.

Anyway, I checked v3.x.x for the off-by-one error and it looks like the
loop was re-done to avoid count entirely.  Maybe more of the v3.x.x
code needs to be backported?

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