Failure of Pull request #62 (TCP suppport)

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Sep 6 14:46:08 CEST 2015

On Sep 6, 2015, at 4:14 AM, Aravind Prasad <raja.avi at> wrote:
> Currently, FREERADIUS Client uses UDP as transport protocol for all the
> RADIUS Messages.
> But now, since TCP is being supported by FREERADIUS Server, made changes to
> Client Code to give user an option to use either TCP or UDP.
> But, unexpectedly, the pull request fails. And am unable to reason out the
> root-cause for it.

  The pull request links to travis.

  Fix the compilation error, and it will work.  Then, do a force push of your branch, and the issue will be updated.

> Kindly assist me for the same.

  That's a duplicate of #61.

  Alan DeKok.

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