TMF files for EapHost on Windows 10?

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Do you still need PDBs? I think I can get debug versions of these (I have
MSDN subs for that).

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>Hoping this reaches a friendly Microsoft person, or someone with more
>experience dealing with Windows development practices than me...
>It seems on Windows 10, you can still trace the EapHost service, but the
>output you get ETL files with lots of unresolvable UUIDs, which really
>aren't much use.
>Apparently there are TMF (Trace Message Format) files, which you need to
>convert the ETL files to something useful.
>I've got the PDB (public symbol files) files from the symbols package for
>Windows 10 Retail, but apparently they have the TMF information stripped,
>so are useless.
>Continuing the investigation into broken PEAP in v3.1.x.  Managed to get
>a hacky fix for MSCHAPv2 by not setting the length flag in the outer
>Still cannot get PEAP-TLS to work, it always hangs after the server
>presents its certificate.  The only time I did get it to work, was
>completely disabling fragmentation on the outer/inner EAP methods.
>Disabling fragmentation on the inner method only doesn't help.
>Also confirmed this particular issue is present in v3.0.x.  Has anyone
>ever got Windows 10, PEAP-TLS working correctly with any version of
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