peap/eap change in 3.0.x with inner_eap_module now required

Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Tue Jan 19 18:54:50 CET 2016


Heads-up in case my note on github doesn't get seen before 3.0.11

Just compiled up latest 3.0.x HEAD and now get

  /srv/radius/mods-enabled/eap[51]: Failed to find 'Auth-Type eap' section.  Cannot authenticate users.
  rlm_eap (outer-eap): Failed to initialise rlm_eap_peap
  /srv/radius/mods-enabled/eap[7]: Instantiation failed for module "outer-eap"

at startup. This was working fine on a previous 3.0.10 (from
around November time).

EAP modules here are called "outer-eap" and "inner-eap" (for my
sanity - we've got PEAP/EAP-TLS, so it's "double-stacked" :-) )

Adding in the new "inner_eap_module" option to the outer PEAP
section fixes it (inner_eap_module = "outer-eap") but I'm not sure
why it needs to break in 3.0.x?



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