How use to NAS Client in Radtest

Sandun Priyanka desilva.nsp at
Thu Jun 9 08:56:42 CEST 2016

Hi Dev,

*radtest* [*-d* *raddb_directory*] [*-P* *tcp/udp*] [*-t*
*pap/chap/mschap/eap-md5*] [*-x* *]* [*-4* *]* [*-6* *]* *user password
radius-server nas-port-number secret*[*ppphint*] [*nasname*]  DESCRIPTION
*radtest* is a frontend to *radclient
<>*(1). It generates a list
of attribute/value pairs based on the command line arguments, and feeds
these into*radclient*. It's a fast and convenient way to test a radius


-d *raddb_directory*The directory that contains the RADIUS dictionary
files. Defaults to */etc/raddb*.

-P *proto*Use *proto* transport protocol ("tcp" or "udp"). Only available
if FreeRADIUS is compiled with TCP transport support.

-t *pap/chap/mschap/eap-md5*Choose the authentiction method to use. e.g.
"-t pap", "-t chap", "-t mschap", or "-t eap-md5",. Defaults to "pap".
Using EAP-MD5 requires that the "radeapclient" program is installed.

-xEnables debugging output for the RADIUS client.

-4Use NAS-IP-Address for the NAS address (default)

-6Use NAS-IPv6-Address for the NAS address (default)

userUsername to send.

passwordPassword of the user.

radius-serverHostname or IP address of the radius server. Optionally, you
may specify a port by appending :port

nas-port-numberThe value of the NAS-Port attribute. Is an integer between 0
and 2^31, and it really doesn't matter what you put here. *10* will do fine.

secretThe shared secret for this client.

ppphintIf you put an integer > 0 here, radtest (or actually radclient) will
add the attribute *Framed-Protocol = PPP* to the request packet.

nasnameIf present, this will be resolved to an IP address and added to the
request packet as the *NAS-IP-Address* attribute. If you don't specify it,
the local hostname of the system will be used.
ACCODRIGNG TO THIS CONFIGUARATION,can we defined nas name without using
hostname.It is not worked for me.any one can help me.I want to test
connection of different nas-clients setting nas client ip
address and secret,
Any one can give solution for that?

Thank you

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