How use to NAS Client in Radtest

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Hi All

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On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Sandun Priyanka <desilva.nsp at>

> Hi Dev,
> *radtest* [*-d* *raddb_directory*] [*-P* *tcp/udp*] [*-t*
> *pap/chap/mschap/eap-md5*] [*-x* *]* [*-4* *]* [*-6* *]* *user password
> radius-server nas-port-number secret*[*ppphint*] [*nasname*]  DESCRIPTION
> *radtest* is a frontend to *radclient
> <>*(1). It generates a
> list of attribute/value pairs based on the command line arguments, and
> feeds these into*radclient*. It's a fast and convenient way to test a
> radius server.
> -d *raddb_directory*The directory that contains the RADIUS dictionary
> files. Defaults to */etc/raddb*.
> -P *proto*Use *proto* transport protocol ("tcp" or "udp"). Only available
> if FreeRADIUS is compiled with TCP transport support.
> -t *pap/chap/mschap/eap-md5*Choose the authentiction method to use. e.g.
> "-t pap", "-t chap", "-t mschap", or "-t eap-md5",. Defaults to "pap".
> Using EAP-MD5 requires that the "radeapclient" program is installed.
> -xEnables debugging output for the RADIUS client.
> -4Use NAS-IP-Address for the NAS address (default)
> -6Use NAS-IPv6-Address for the NAS address (default)
> userUsername to send.
> passwordPassword of the user.
> radius-serverHostname or IP address of the radius server. Optionally, you
> may specify a port by appending :port
> nas-port-numberThe value of the NAS-Port attribute. Is an integer between
> 0 and 2^31, and it really doesn't matter what you put here. *10* will do
> fine.
> secretThe shared secret for this client.
> ppphintIf you put an integer > 0 here, radtest (or actually radclient)
> will add the attribute *Framed-Protocol = PPP* to the request packet.
> nasnameIf present, this will be resolved to an IP address and added to
> the request packet as the *NAS-IP-Address* attribute. If you don't
> specify it, the local hostname of the system will be used.
> ACCODRIGNG TO THIS CONFIGUARATION,can we defined nas name without using
> hostname.It is not worked for me.any one can help me.I want to test
> connection of different nas-clients setting nas client ip
> address and secret,
> Any one can give solution for that?
> Thank you

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