TMF files for EapHost on Windows 10?

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Sun Mar 20 12:40:10 CET 2016

Hoping this reaches a friendly Microsoft person, or someone with more experience dealing with Windows development practices than me...

It seems on Windows 10, you can still trace the EapHost service, but the output you get ETL files with lots of unresolvable UUIDs, which really aren't much use.

Apparently there are TMF (Trace Message Format) files, which you need to convert the ETL files to something useful.

I've got the PDB (public symbol files) files from the symbols package for Windows 10 Retail, but apparently they have the TMF information stripped, so are useless.

Continuing the investigation into broken PEAP in v3.1.x.  Managed to get a hacky fix for MSCHAPv2 by not setting the length flag in the outer tunnel.

Still cannot get PEAP-TLS to work, it always hangs after the server presents its certificate.  The only time I did get it to work, was completely disabling fragmentation on the outer/inner EAP methods.

Disabling fragmentation on the inner method only doesn't help.

Also confirmed this particular issue is present in v3.0.x.  Has anyone ever got Windows 10, PEAP-TLS working correctly with any version of FreeRADIUS?


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