hello I need advice memory usage freeradius 3.0.11

조재철 jccho at tseag.kr
Wed Mar 8 07:42:00 CET 2017

   hello freeradius developer.

   I`m south korean.

   I had radius server authentication test.

   I confirmed that 72 kbytes increase when one people authentication

   In this way, when about 100,000 people are authenticated, the server is
   forcibly terminated due to insufficient memory.

   authentication type EAP-TTLS PAP .

   sure, it is not accurate calculation.

   just, calculation, in my brain.

   I check memory 'top' command

   I used CentOS 6.7 memory 8G

   no virtual machine.

   I understand why memory usage increase.

   plz help me.


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