thank you Alan, but additional I have question.

조재철 jccho at
Mon Mar 13 04:04:13 CET 2017

   >   hello freeradius developer.
   >   I`m south korean.
   >   I had radius server authentication test.
   >   I confirmed that 72 kbytes increase when one people authentication

     The server caches some information.  But that information is cleaned
   up after 5-10 seconds.
     If you just have a stock configuration, it should not leak memory.
     I would also suggest using 3.0.13, which was released this week.  Tha
   t contains a number of fixes which may help.

    Alan DeKok.

   hello, Alan.

   thank you for your answer.

   you said 'that contains a number of fixes which may help'.

   I don`t find that part.' 

   Can you teach me that part?


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