Confused - discrepancy between documentation and code

Jonathan Anthony jonathan.anthony at
Tue Nov 28 18:51:18 CET 2017


I am somewhat confused for according to documentation in I read:
static CONF_PARSER module_config[] = {      { FR_CONF_OFFSET("example", PW_TYPE_STRING | PW_TYPE_NOT_EMPTY, example_instance_t, example), .dflt = "default_value" },      CONF_PARSER_TERMINATOR}
#define FR_CONF_POINTER (   _n,  _t,  _s,  _f )

In my downloaded conffile.h:
# define FR_CONF_OFFSET(_t, _s, _f) .....

+ some other differences.
I have down loaded radius 3.0.16 ( from radiusd -v)

I would appreciate some help.
In the module_config[], I would like to have an entry for a variable var: uint8_t var[64]
I see in radius.h that there is a PW_TYPE_BYTE but how to have an array?  ( I did try this with PW_TYPE_MULTI but I think I have misunderstood this)
PW_TYPE_STRING is no good as there may be nulls in the array.
Many thanks for your help

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