freeradius with multi mysql database and multi virtual server

Muhammed Buvaydani muhammed.buvaydani at
Wed Nov 14 06:59:40 CET 2018

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I have tow NAS and I want to run freeradius server with tow database (one database for every NAS); I have tow sql modules the first one is SQL and the another one is SQL1 the SQL module configured to connect to radius database , SQL1 configured to connect to radius2 database . in


folder I created new virtual server which has name student so in that folder there are tow file (default, student); I configured default to work with SQL module which connect to radius database,whereas I configured student to connect to SQL1 module which connect to radius2 database . I added this unlang code in every virtual server file to get information from every database

Tmp-String-0  := "%{sql:SELECT value from radcheck WHERE attribute='CS-Total-Octets-Daily' and username='%{User-Name}'}"

Tmp-String-1  := "%{sql:SELECT sum(AcctInputOctets)+sum(AcctOutputOctets) AS

 Total FROM radacct where DATE(AcctstartTime )= CURDATE() AND


but my problem is that the student virtual server trying to get this data from radius database which is belong to SQL module even if I configured it to work with SQL1 . why is that happen , and how can I solve it

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