[ANN] NetworkRADIUS are hiring!

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at freeradius.org
Fri Apr 19 22:47:53 CEST 2019

Network RADIUS was set up in 2008 by Alan DeKok, to fill the needs of those companies who wish to deploy FreeRADIUS, but lacked the internal expertise necessary to develop or support FreeRADIUS
based services.

Over the past few years, there's been a significant uptick in companies wishing to purchase commercial support for FreeRADIUS and looking to bring in outside expertise for professional services work.

It's now at the point where there's a need for additional engineering talent to help with the volume of new projects.

Some of the best hires have been from within the FreeRADIUS community - people who have used FreeRADIUS in their day jobs and developed an in-depth understanding of its philosophies and flexibility.

That's why the positions are being posted here first, to give priority to community members who are interested in working with FreeRADIUS commercially.

The majority of current team members work remotely, and that would likely be the arrangement for these positions.  The exception would be if you happened to be located in Ottawa, ON, Canada, or Grenoble, France, in which case we have physical offices, emblazoned with octopus logos and filled with squishy beanbags.

If you're interested and would like to apply, please read through the information on the NetworkRADIUS careers page (https://networkradius.com/careers/), and send an email to careers at networkradius.com.

Good luck!


PS: Don't worry - Alan is much more soft and cuddly IRL.

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