Current status of freeradius v4

Jan-Frederik Rieckers rieckers+freeradius-devel at
Wed Jul 24 11:02:24 CEST 2019


I'm currently trying out the current master build at my university for
eduroam authentication and have discovered some errors/difficulties
(e.g. mschapv2 failed when only NT-Password and no LM-Password was
supplied, Issue #2799).

Currently, I don't know if it is helpful to create a github issue for
each issue I'll find, so I just wanted to ask here:

Whats the current status of Freeradius 4? Is it still under heavy
development and bug reports will just increase the background noise or
is the current master supposed to be somewhat stable and issues will help?

Two issues I'm currently dealing with:
* Proxying RADIUS-Requests (freeradius 4 send out Access-Rejects when
received a Access-Challenge from the home server)
* Linelog module (reply:Packet-Type seems to be empty, Debug output
tells me not to use Response-Packet-Type)

Kind regards,

Jan-Frederik Rieckers

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