freeRADIUS Help

ambrose at ambrose at
Thu Mar 28 14:40:29 CET 2019

Hello Team!


I ask for help on installation and how to configure freeRADIUS to be
integrate with MikroTik. Let me explain the needs of the project so that you
can help me with ideas.


Plan:      I need to build and design a public hotspot for use to collect
customers information when they try to access my public hotspot.


Assets I have (you can advise me):

-          Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS Server this will act as freeRADIUS Server and
I will give a Public IP.

-          Modem (Internet)

-          MikroTik router (hex PoE)

-          D-Link Switch (It will be used when I add more AP's)

-          UniFi AP-LR


Thanks for your time.

I will use this as a beginning to learn the world of freeRADIUS.




Ambrose Sulley

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