Suggestions for rlm_python

Geaaru geaaru at
Sun Nov 3 11:04:04 CET 2019


I began to work on rlm_python3 support. Unlucky, there are a lot of
things to change because a lot of used methods must be changed, for

PyString_FromString -> PyUnicode_FromString

I think that also initialization of the module has also big changes.

So, how could be the right way to handle this module?

Probably, for a period it's better to have two modules rlm_python (for
2.7) and rlm_python3 (for 3.x) but from another site, it's wrong to
leave to the user the possibility of loading both modules. I dunno what
happens with GIL, etc. with both modules loaded and probably it's
better to avoid this.

In addition, py 2.7 is EOL so probably it's better to avoid splitting.

It is not an easy choice.


-- geaaru

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