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Sat Nov 9 01:00:02 CET 2019

New activity for FreeRADIUS (the high performance and highly configurable RADIUS server)

radsqlrelay changes backported to v3.0.x (#3112)

* radsqlrelay: actually do something in debug mode

* radsqlrelay systemd watchdog (#2922)

* radsqlrelay: Clean up strict and warnings pragmas

The modules we use are clean so ensure that these pragmas apply to

* radsqlrelay: Add support for systemd watchdogs

systemd can terminate (and restart) the service if it stops providing
watchdogs for a defined interval.

* radsqlrelay: Don't get stuck processing the same broken SQL statements

If the file contains a broken SQL statement then it is continually
retried with a 1 sec delay.

Restarting the radsqlrelay will replay the entire file (which could get
stuck even earlier due to duplicate key fields).

We instead continue when we encounter a failing statement unless the
failure was the result of a database disconnect in which case it is
resumed once the connection is available.

Terry Burton (via Arran Cudbard-Bell)@2019-11-08T21:02:09Z
Files modified:
	* scripts/sql/radsqlrelay

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